Wedding Video

The wedding day is a unique day with full of happiness and  love. A day that is unforgettable. A day that a couple would want to experience again and again. Thanks to The Wedding Filmer this is possible. We specialize in creating unique and personal Wedding Videography Singapore.

Wedding videography singapore in a professional and discreet way

More and more couples are choosing not only the  photographer but also the videographer. And this is only logical. Photos are beautiful to look at but still lack the dynamics and emotions of film. Through our expertise in making videos, we know how to capture a wedding in a breathtaking way. With taste and sense of rhythm we assemble the material into a 5-12 minute long video . The visual material is brought to life even better when accompanied by appropriate music and therefore we mount our clips on songs selected by the bride and groom themselves.

With us the customer is a king and hence a good service is our highest priority. For the wedding videography singapore you can always make an appointment without obligation. We would like to visit the future wedding couple for an introductory meeting. This way they can easily tell us what they expect from their Wedding Film. We give advice on the various possibilities and approaches and immediately explain the working method of The Wedding Filmer.

After the first call we will send a free quote with a cooling off period of 10 days. If the quotation is satisfactory and we receive the ‘yes’ from them, we will focus on the preparations. In consultation with the bride and groom we put together a script with all necessary information, so that no unwanted surprises will take place on the big day. Preparation is half the work and that is why we also tackle this with discipline and professionalism.

Once the assembly is completed and the customer is satisfied with the result, we will put the video together with all the raw material on a USB stick and the bride and groom will receive it neatly packed in a nice box.