Tips For The Photoshoot

Do you think: “Photo shoot, yo!”? Or do you think: “Singapore Wedding Videographer … meh”. Whatever your reaction is, let’s take a look at the photo shoot in perspective. It is by no means the most important part of the day. It is not even the most important part for the singapore wedding videographer. A photo of your mother who is tearing away a tear or the laughter of your brother will be much more valuable after 10, 20, 50 years. It’s about the stories, the moments, the small spontaneous things that are almost invisible during big moments. These singapore wedding videographer are more important than that one photo of you in that beautiful forest with the perfect composition.


But still: if you are dressed so nicely, it is nice to have photos that show what you look like. And to have a little fun of course. Unfortunately we cannot give a complete list of all the beautiful places in singapore wedding videographer, but we can see what is eligible and how we can let you shine! So we will always do this in consultation.

How long?

How long a shoot lasts varies, but most couples choose to schedule one to one and a half hours (excluding travel time). Of course we are completely open for a shorter (or even longer) photo shoot, but we know that we can shoot a nice variety of photos during this time without having to rush.


Do you find it exciting to do a singapore wedding videographer? Do not worry: more than half of all couples indicate this beforehand and it always comes out right. Do you want to reassure yourself?


Are you meeting each other for the first time during the ceremony? In that case it is of course not possible to place the photo session before the ceremony. No problem! You can then slip out immediately after the ceremony or during the reception to take nice pictures. Do not forget that during that time you cannot chat with your guests and have a drink … Of course, that’s a pity, so most bridal couples choose the singapore wedding videographer for which we do not have to travel far. Usually this is around and around the wedding location.

If, on the other hand, you have a meeting before the ceremony starts, that gives more opportunities for the photo session. It is then not necessary to leave the guests alone and we are more flexible in choosing a singapore wedding videographer.

Regardless of when you meet for the first time during the wedding: it is always possible to include a short photo opportunity during the so-called ‘golden hour’. At the end of the dinner, for example, we can secretly go outside for a few photos during a beautiful sunset. And you guessed it: this is somewhat dependent on the weather;)


Rain … Unfortunately it rains often in our little country. Fortunately not always the whole day, but it is always good to come up with a plan B for the photo shoot. Maybe we can go to the party location before it is filled with your guests? Or we are looking for a photogenic indoor location near your singapore wedding videographer!

Whether we should actually use this plan B will have to appear from the weather forecast a few days before the wedding. One thing we know: we have never experienced a wedding that has been ruined by the rain. So do not worry!

Group photos at the singapore wedding videographer

For many a mandatory number, but from our experience we know that these types of photos become even more important after a few years. Not surprising, of course: when we do all your family members and friends come together in one place? Do it! Even though it is very modest. The chances are that this part is messy and therefore takes longer than it is desirable. Therefore, here are some tips!

Make a list and drop it at your master of ceremonies, wedding planner, or singapore wedding videographer who can shout hard and authoritarian. Most brides couples have 8 groups that they want separately in the photo. Typically, these are the following setups as you see on the right.

Such an order is also the most efficient. In addition, keep in mind that each group takes 2 to 3 minutes. That seems very long, but there is always a witness to smoke in a remote place.

Do not plan the group photos immediately after the ceremony. The congratulations of your guests is simply not to temper;)