Tips For Hiring The Best Video Production Singapore For Weddings

The video has become one of the fundamental elements to capture the best moments during wedding. From the most traditional, to special documentary style productions with lot of production, today we will tell you what you have to take into account when choosing the Video Production Singapore.

Most videographers produce two types of materials, a short version of approximately 2 to 5 minutes, as a mini wedding summary, and a long and complete version of the entire event. When you go to their studio, ask them to show you these examples.

Check your portfolio

A professional video production singapore will have various video samples or a website where you can see your past work. While you are reviewing the videos, go pointing the things that match the vision you have for your video. Stay firm with the concept you have and if you do not understand what you want or offer something that you do not like, you should consider someone else.

These are the basic questions you should ask :

– What kind of experience and special education do you have?

– Can I see previous works?

– What kind of editing do you do? (Ask me to explain the process to better understand your style).

– What type of equipment do you use? (The video production singapore must have cameras, microphones and lighting suitable for the type of wedding you will carry out).

– What is the format in which the video will be recorded? (HD, Full Screen, Wide Screen, etc).

Search the Internet for different types of videos to decide what style you would like for your wedding. For example, they would like a documentary-style video with interviews of their guests and family, or perhaps something more classic and cinematic. Or, you can decide on a different and totally spectacular option. With Dronix DS you will have a video of the best quality and with incredible aerial shots made with the different types of drones they have for you. Imagine a session out of the ordinary in a majestic landscape while you and your partner are filmed from above, the result will leave you breathless!

These are the basic questions you should ask yourself about it :

– What kind of images and moments do you like to capture?

– What kind of music do you use in the background?

– What style of typography do you use?

– What kind of special effects do you usually apply to the video?

Video style

If you are looking for your style, we recommend these ideas for your video wedding invitation, the romantic idea for the wedding video and the video of Eli + Paco Save the Date by Loview. Currently these two examples of videos are the styles that couples have been choosing for their wedding day:

Costs and budget

Once you have found the video production singapore who capture the best moments of your wedding, it’s time to know the costs and the budget. Usually they always have special packages that already include certain details, but the most important thing to ask is the following:

– What is your rate and the different packages you offer?

– How many DVD copies of the video do you include in the packages and what is the price of extra copies?

– How is the DVD packaged at the end?

– Can I have a copy of the video without editing?

– Does this package include transportation to the place and delivery of the final work?

– What is the previous deposit that needs to be done?

– Do you offer written contracts and guarantee?

– What are your cancellation terms?

– How long do you take to deliver the work?

Try to be as clear and precise as possible when expressing what you want captured on your wedding day. Remember, this video is the memory of that special moment that will be saved for a long time.