Tips for Having a Movie Wedding!

You know that story of taking the video of our parents’ wedding and dying laughing at the fashion trends of the day or just dying of love for seeing that, no matter what date, what matters in a marriage is love – and that even the dress Bride worth more than that ?! Well … Incredibly, many current brides have left this tradition of wedding videography singapore material aside. The reasons are varied:

  1. “You do not need video. We can put together some videos posted by the guests afterwards! “
  2. “No need to spend with video. We already have the photographer … “
  3. “Who will want to see the wedding later ?! You do not need video. “

But calm there that besides these three reasons, there are many others that can fit the list. And today we are here for two reasons. The first, of course, is to persuade our avid readers – and notions – that are there, in that indecision of hiring or not a supplier of video material for the wedding. The second is that for those novices who have already decided to hire someone special to make the video, we will give tips for this wedding videography singapore there is more than a video that will be broadcast in the next generations. We want to give tips to have The Lord Cinema Wedding ! Yes, movie wedding that everyone loves and wants to do the same.

The first tip is, of course, contract with a good professional or with a trustworthy company. Nothing of this history of calling the uncle of the neighbor of his nephew who has a company that takes photos and risks to make videos. If so, dear ones, nothing really works. Let’s be clear: we are not devaluing the uncle of your nephew’s neighbor, we are just saying that in order to have a good video, it is essential and important that brides and grooms enter into a consensus about which professional is the ideal to do exactly what they want.


The second tip came from a profession – because, right, if we are recommending that you seek a professional, we look for ours. The Ricardo Vipych , the co-owner preposterous movies listed a number of tips for partnership engaged – supplier works out. “My tip is for the engaged couple  to give themselves to the maximum , trust the team, are willing to innovate, have the time available and invest in the necessary.”

But of course there are other steps that must be followed so that the result is cool and timeless, of those who never win in time. One is planning . You need to sit down to do a wedding script , for example. Of course this vision is not of the bride and groom , but of the professionals hired. For this reason, it is advisable for grooms and vendors to decide what they want to focus on, what they want to show, whether they are going to tell the story of the couple, or whether they will go straight to the wedding, for example.

In this video below – which I am totally and incredibly passionate about – we can see two aspects: the marriage follows a line of beginning, middle and end. The people, who were not even there to follow, can capture the essence of the most important moments. We were able to feel the emotion of the couple, of the guests and, of bonus, we were able to check the details of the marriage.

Felipe Sulzbacher highlights: The goal of those who make the wedding videos today is to do something different every day . Ricardo confirms. “What’s happening is a revolution in wedding videos . No couple will have the same job, because it is a unique story never experienced by anyone. That’s where we come in: to try to get the most out of each story, to present a cool script for them. To leave the sameness, the couple must first trust their team and then give themselves to the maximum, so we are more comfortable to dare in the images, “says Ricardo.

The couple Denise and Junior understood the message and bet on the idea. The script of their video involved not only the wedding , but a general overview that involves the intimacy and the feelings of the couple . It is remarkable the production that occurred before simply transmitting the marriage. The video, in itself, presented everything the couple most cherishes: in a love story, the whole is worth, and not just the part .

No one takes from the memory much less of the heart what it felt in that unique day. And how do you reminisce every moment, every joy, every surprise that happened on the day of the wedding? With the video! Imagine … The bride and groom will do so much that day and somehow would like to relive that moment, so the importance. When the bride and groom make vows, taking oaths to each other, how to save this moment if not with the video? When a couple comes looking for us, we donate ourselves at that moment to understand what would be indispensable for their production , which sentiment to add in the video that will carry the rest of life, so this investment has such a symbolic price if we think of that form, remembrance for a lifetime of a single moment!