6 Practical Tips to Get a Movie Wedding Video

We inaugurate our Blog with some practical tips to get a singapore wedding videography , accompanied of course, by a good professional who does the job. We do not like to give advice, we prefer to receive them; are just some practical suggestions that we came up with the experience and the various types of problems when recording.   1-  Time: it is very important to have enough time to record or photograph without excessive haste to get good shots Continue Reading →


Your day is getting closer and the wedding is getting more and more shape. As a couple, you are faced with many choices. Which location, which official, which cake, which colors, which dress. And so I can go on and on. One of the things that is on the list of favorites is the photographer. Earlier I wrote in one of my blogs about the choice of having your wedding photographed by a friend or by a wedding videography singapore Continue Reading →

Nice To Swallow: 4 x Wedding Video Inspiration

Arranging a wedding photographer is a regular feature on the to-do list of many couples, but what about a videographer? Nowadays more and more bride couples also make a wedding video. A super cool addition to your wedding photos! You can easily share a wedding video with your guests, but also forward it to people who could not be there or where there was no room left on the guest list. Wondering what such a wedding video looks like? I Continue Reading →

Tips For A Fantastic Wedding Video

The perfect wedding video The emotions that you experience during the wedding are recorded as moving images. The day passes by so quickly, how nice would it be if you could watch the wedding clip together and experience the day again? To create the perfect wedding videography here are few great tips: Start filming when you are preparing yourself. Your tension will be very high and it often gives you beautiful images. It will also give the video a chronological Continue Reading →

7 Tips on Fashion Photography That You Should Follow

The international photographer Jvdas Berra shares the following 7 tips on fashion photography that you should follow. These tips have led him to work with different brands recognized worldwide. His work as a photographer began in Mexico, where he was born in 1987. He now resides in the United States and his talent has led him to work with Vogue, ELLE, Nylon, Marie Claire, In Style, Image Amplified, Vanidades, Photography Master Class, NatGeo and others. Plus. Jvdas Berra is a Continue Reading →

How to Make A Good Video? The Best Tips to Start Mastering This Medium

Surely you must have already heard that video is the medium of the future. While some studies suggest that video will be responsible for 80% of online traffic until 2019, many entrepreneurs are afraid to start using this medium to disseminate their products, either due to lack of knowledge or simply for fear of doing bad work. For many it seems to be a spooky job, but, in reality, making a good video is simpler than it seems. And to Continue Reading →

How To Create A Video Blog?

If you want to start a video blog: just start and be passionate about it. As in any project, the most difficult thing is to take the first step and experiment because resources are now increasingly accessible thanks to the internet, but what we will always need is creativity and new proposals in the middle. Factors to contemplate when creating your video blog:        Theme: define a theme or several that you like, dominate and have resources to inform you about Continue Reading →

Basic Tips For Photography On The Go

Before you discuss the serious tips, you should not forget the basic rules. The first and most important tip is to keep your camera still. It is really a shame if you look at your picture at home or on your laptop at the hotel and he is moved. You can not enlarge your photo and hang it above the dining table if it is moved. Always hold your camera with two hands or use a tripod (although this is Continue Reading →

Night-Time Photography Tips

Minimize the vibration at the beginning of the exposure by using the mirror lockup feature of your digital single lens reflex. Set the self timer to minimize the movement of the shutter and eventually camera shake. It is better if your camera has a remote shutter control. Not all cameras with bulb settings can use remote shutter control. I tried using a rubber band to control the shutter button to get longer exposure time. I put the cap on the Continue Reading →

Wedding Photography Tips

Your special day is frequently the culmination of many years of planning – a day when you celebrate your love and marital relationship with the event to end all events. Included in this big day are a host of solutions designed to make your wedding day the excellent day you constantly visualized,that’s why wedding photography tips will help you. When it involves wedding digital photography , you can never ever do excessive preparation to ensure that your big day is Continue Reading →