Photography Tips For Portraits

Here’s a great photography tip that you should follow. Shooting portraits is pretty vital to have as a skill if you’re a photographer. I am even constantly and consistently amazed at the amazing photographers out there who have not practiced the skill of photography for a long time. I have found out that this pretty much boils down to the confidence of the photographer in asking his subject to pose for him. THE PROCESS In any photography tip you must Continue Reading →

How to Take the Perfect Picture For Your Family Holiday Photo Cards

Personalized photo holiday cards are hugely popular because the winter holidays are usually the one time per year when extended family and friends can catch up through a medium that is not electronic. Email and ecards are fine for other holidays or times of the year, but for the winter holidays most people expect and very much appreciate a heartfelt, good looking photo card that comes via snail mail. 1. Think About And Set The Stage Well In Advance: Think Continue Reading →