Nice To Swallow: 4 x Wedding Video Inspiration

Arranging a wedding photographer is a regular feature on the to-do list of many couples, but what about a videographer? Nowadays more and more bride couples also make a wedding video. A super cool addition to your wedding photos! You can easily share a wedding video with your guests, but also forward it to people who could not be there or where there was no room left on the guest list. Wondering what such a wedding video looks like? I have collected four cool wedding videography for inspiration. This way you immediately get a picture of how you can look like. I also asked the videographers a question about how to make such a video in their work and what they pay attention to during filming. Here are the handy tips & tricks so you do not want to miss out!

Sit back and relax: wedding video inspiration

Joost van Great Takes:  “In the wedding videos we make, I try to show as accurately as possible how beautiful and romantic the wedding day has been The bride and groom consciously opts for a certain day schedule, which I then leave almost the same in the film.

Music is very decisive for a film and must be close to the bride and groom. That is why I always ask the bridal couple to supply background music themselves. I often choose quiet songs for the slow motion images, because this enhances the romantic feeling. And go for a more up-tempo song for a piece of the party. These images are namely being mounted in quick succession to convey the energetic party vibe. In this way we tell exactly how the day has been in 8 to a maximum of 12 minutes and years can be spent.

Do other guests arrive in the evening and do you want to take them with you in the previous hours? Then you can also go for a same-day-edit option. The most important moment of that day will then be incorporated in a short film, as a preview of the extensive wedding film. Super fun to project on a screen while entering the evening guests! “

Corporate video production :  “As a videographer, I actually step into the life of the bride and groom for a day. On a wedding day the emotions are paramount, whether it is for joy or sadness, it always belongs to it. a tear of the witnesses, the sweet words during a speech, the bracelets of the deceased grandmother, they are all covered, I myself sometimes have to swallow to keep it dry, haha.

I also find atmosphere very important. The bride and groom has often put a lot of effort in creating a certain atmosphere, for example with a theme color, or elements that keep coming back. This is very important to show, because this makes the video personal. By recording details, you capture the atmosphere of the day. The bouquet of the bride, the cake, the decoration, the candles that are lit, the flowers on the tables. In addition, I am very fond of the details when it comes to the bride and groom themselves. Think of the groom’s arm on the back of the bride, holding hands during the ceremony, and so on. “

Paul Helwig : “The recipe for a romantic wedding film? Actually, it does not exist because every couple is different, every wedding is unique, so I think it’s very important to meet the couple in advance, so I can feel better and take stock of what the wishes are. On the day it is nice if you know each other a bit, that makes everything more relaxed and familiar .

Another important ingredient is emotion. The tension, the first encounter, the yes-word, the kiss and the reaction of family and friends. All important moments should not be missing in the wedding film. I work with lot of sharpness / blur and play with (counter) light. This creates an attractive and romantic image. I try out new ideas every time and continue to challenge myself the bride and groom. This ensures creative and unique shots. If possible I use a drone, these shots gives lot of dynamics.

The last ingredient is music, because if there is one thing that determines the atmosphere, it is the music! The bride and groom choose music for the wedding film themselves, but usually they say: ‘Surprise us’. I think that’s great because I love music! I prefer to mount the clip on a not-so-standard slow wedding number. Rather a cheerful, up-tempo song with a lot of structure and catchy text. “

Niels van Let Love Rule:  “As a videographer, I prefer to be invisible , I do not want to get in the way, but keep myself in the background, if the bride and groom are too aware that I’m running, This may cause an uncomfortable feeling: they must remain themselves, which creates the most beautiful images, and of course this happens occasionally with interaction with the camera, because I cannot completely disappear, but it is well dosed.

Because every wedding is different, I walk through the day together with the bride and groom. That way I know exactly what will take place at what time and what I need to focus on at that moment. I also want to capture all facets of the day, from the dressing up and the first look to the opening dance. In this way the couple gets a wedding video of the whole day and they often see small details that they sometimes have not consciously experienced.

I often hear from wedding couples that they also want to let the evening guests enjoy a bit of the fantastic day they had until then. That’s why I make wedding clips that you can play during the guests’ arrival or party night. “