How to Create a Corporate Video and What Benefits it Has for Your Business

There are many important reasons why creating a Corporate Video Production is necessary today for your business.


The audiovisual material can be very useful and important for the company when it comes to publicizing their products or services, their application, training personnel, showing safety or production procedures, etc.


Company videos can be used both internally and through the Internet, through channels such as YouTube, Vimeo and other similar services, where it will be easily accessible to potential customers.


Its impact when delivering a message is much greater than that of a single image or a printed document.


Something very interesting:

According to statistical data, YouTube has 30 million daily visits, of which at least half are made from mobile devices. In addition, it is the second most used search engine after Google.


Therefore, more and more companies are deciding to corporate video production.

Today we will see how you can create a corporate video and what are the functions you can have. In addition, we will see what aspects to take into account when doing it.



Corporate video production is a very frequent marketing strategy to introduce new products to customers, their usefulness or use.


They work to create demand, making the viewer identify with a specific need, a brand value, etc.


Its duration is usually short, from 30 seconds to 1 or 2 minutes maximum.


Why? Because the idea is to deliver the message to the client quickly, while you have your attention. Interested in what you sell so that later I want more information about you or buy you directly.


Hence, the importance of making a good script for your corporate video production.




This can be used to publicize your company values, social responsibility programs or upcoming events.


Also, summary videos can be used for presentations, for example, a work report, results of a business plan, studies, research, CSR programs, etc.


If you intend to include testimonials or interviews, it would be convenient for you to hire a freelance journalist to do them.

These videos can be shared on your company social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook, among others.


A tip:

On YouTube you can have storytelling or video whiteboard videos, where you explain the benefits of your products or services.


Within the informative videos there are also those that serve to make known internal regulations of the company. For example, if you have to take security measures to make visits to a production plant. Another possibility is to make induction videos for your workers.


These types of videos usually have a longer duration and a more detailed script. It is essential to organize the content well and have a professional speaker.


In addition, the help of an expert in video editing will be especially necessary. The most advisable thing is to hire an expert in video tutorials to help you.




It is proven that images accompanied by an explanation work better and are preferable to delivering information in text only. Therefore, a video will always attract more attention.



A video allows you to connect more with your followers or potential customers, because it transmits emotions better than a simple image. Having several videos talking about your products or services and about your brand values ​​generate greater customer loyalty.



You can upload your video to the internet and share it on your website, social networks or email. In addition, it can be converted to different video formats, as needed.



If it is a promotional video or a short informative video, you can carry out online campaigns with services such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. This will allow you to measure the results and the level of acceptance that your video has in the users and potential clients.