How to Choose the Ideal Photography Service for Your wedding?

We all know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! And in addition to choosing the perfect dress, the perfect location and all the little details … the ideal wedding photography service Singapore can not miss! However, many times we have no idea where or how to search. So today we leave you some points for you to check off your checklist when looking for the person in charge of capturing one of the most special moments of your life.


Start with the style of photos you would like to have.

Define the style that you would most like to have based on your personality. The photographs should reflect your emotions, sensations and experiences of this wonderful day in a natural and genuine way. The most common styles for wedding photography are: photojournalism, where an event is documented while a story is told, with no need to pose but only to capture the key moments of the day.

Nowadays, “vintage” wedding photography service Singapore is also very fashionable, which usually plays with pastel colors and quite bright, with very pronounced blurs and quite natural shots. Another very popular style is also the documentary, which is quite spontaneous that seeks to document all the moments of the wedding without necessarily intervening in the special moments between the bride and groom.


Choose your favorite location thinking about the photos you could get

The location is very important to know what kind of photographs you could get for this magical day. For example, if you get married in Guatemala City or in Singapore Guatemala, the style of wedding photography service Singapore will be totally different, in the city you could play with a modern environment, perhaps under a roof or a garden, so the photographs will have this style in particular. If you choose to marry in Singapore, you can play with the walls, arches, doors, windows and old and rustic frames and obtain unique photographs. This is also the case if you decide to marry at Lake Atitlán, you can play with the landscapes, the lake and nature. The important thing is to choose a photographer that has photographs or a portfolio with a style similar to the one you are looking for.


Define a budget

Hiring a good photographer or good wedding photography service Singapore, deserves an important investment within the budget of your wedding. Do not forget that the person in charge of this important mission will be the one who immortalizes one of the great days of your life. Decide if you would like to have an artistic session before or after your wedding or just document the wedding from start to finish, in this way you can quote more easily. Most photographers in Guatemala work with photo packages based on the hours worked and can adapt the packages to your needs. Some photographers take photo sessions “Save the Date” as an extra package, the important thing is to define what you want and give the details to the photographers so they can make a quote for you.


Start the search

As many times, to make a reservation of a place you have to do it 1 year in advance, the same thing happens with photographers, especially the most sought after. In FotoBookers we have prepared Wedding Photography Packages so you do not break your head and we have selected the best Wedding Photographers so you can see your work and hire your favorite!


Hire the photographer that fits what you’re looking for

If the photographer’s style and budget fit with what you have in mind for your wedding photos, you’re ready to make a decision. You will not have to worry about more, since you have preselected with time and based on your favorite style. The final result, if it is not more than perfect … it will surely be amazing! In FotoBookers you also have the ease of making your online contract, this means that you do not have to worry about making any bank deposit or transaction to the photographer, much less paying in cash, but you can do it online with your debit or credit card in a way very easy and fast.