How Much Does A Event Videography Cost?

Prices of event videos. What you should know

You have arrived here surely because you want to find an answer to the questions. How much is a Singapore Event Videography worth? or what part of the budget of our singapore event videography should I allocate to the video?  As a professional videographer, with my experience I think I can help you choose from different budgets for event videos, those that really fit your needs and expectations.

Making a budget for a event is not an easy task. Knowing how to make the most of your money will make the day itself a success. And it will make the memories that should remain forever (photo and video) become what they should be: a legacy for you and your family.

If you’ve already been planning your event for a while, you’ve seen that finding a good photographer seems relatively easy. There are excellent professionals in all the provinces of Spain. It is a valued work, settled and that is why you have so many good options. Why then does not the same thing happen with the singapore event videography? It may happen that you have to look for it far away from the event venue if you want something really special and you do not find it close, because the quality does not abound.


Many of the photographers with whom I speak week after week, when they see me sound, place cameras, “hook” a steadicam or a slider, plan, end up saying something like “what a mess the video is not? What madness! ” It has nothing to do to go camera in hand as do the 1 or 2 photographers you are going to hire. It is almost like a mini film shoot. And nothing can fail. A singapore event videography has a lower life expectancy!! LOL. The photo captures moments. The good video has to tell a story continuously and with sound suitable for the most part. It is not easy if you want to adopt a cinematic point of view. And it never works out if you do not have enough experience and talent.

Later a photographer will retouch his photos one by one. Part of a RAW file that allows you to do everything and change almost all the creative aspects of your photos. In a few days you will have finished with your event and the album. It will do a fabulous job because it can play more with light, it only needs “snapshots”. It depends on the professional you choose.

Find the right videographer.

In video, even in 2018, finding a singapore event videography with style, telling your story with clean images, illuminated and with the right colors, (let’s not even approach the cinema look) is a more expensive company. Give sense, beauty and rhythm to everything shot, while maintaining those images with professional look will mean at least twice as many hours as the photographer. In reality it ends when you want to give the job finished, your event is over. Not to mention that it must shoot the same day (to reduce costs) beautiful images of your city, the place of the celebration, integrate images of Drone and help create the atmosphere of your singapore event videography.

The value of singapore event videography

That’s why finding true singapore event videography professionals is “more expensive” than you probably thought. But not as expensive for boyfriends as you are compared to, for example, photography. The new singapore event videography goes step by step settling in Spain, but while it is equated in demand to good photography, it still cannot handle prices more appropriate to the creative work done, always taking into account the point of view of the videographer of course!!