How To Create A Video Blog?

If you want to start a video blog: just start and be passionate about it. As in any project, the most difficult thing is to take the first step and experiment because resources are now increasingly accessible thanks to the internet, but what we will always need is creativity and new proposals in the middle.

Factors to contemplate when creating your video blog:

  •        Theme: define a theme or several that you like, dominate and have resources to inform you about them and the material does not end soon. Try to choose topics that promote what you do where you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Especially that the content does not have validity that is useful all the time as a consultation.
  •        Target audience: if your video blog will be about illustration, yoga, development, design, writing tips, etc. Do not forget to be clear about your target audience and address them at all times.
  •        Duration: remember that nobody will see a video blog for a long time, the duration is key to maintain the attention. My recommendation is that you do not exceed 10 minutes and less than 5 minutes you will surely see it complete.
  •        Resources: to create a video blog you need few resources and a lot of creativity. In 120seconds we use a Canno FS100, a tripod, 2 lamps and a microphone to record. Take advantage of the exteriors so you do not need lighting.
  •        Design: remember that the identity of your video blog is linked with the logo, colors, music and presenters. All this creates a brand, try to have these details defined when launching your video blog.
  •        Platform: you can use an official site for your videos using templates for multimedia, but there is also the option to create channels in video distributors such as: Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, Metacafe , DailyMotion and more.
  •        Promotion: use the tags in your videos, promote your video in sites that relate to your theme, use social networks in good way to publicize your project.

Tips to create your video blog:

  •        Search for like-minded people: this type of project requires people who like production and have knowledge about the characteristics of producing for the internet.
  •        Let your project be open: invite your audience to participate in your project, remember that online media are not passive, are active and people want to be part of through comments or proposals for your chapters.
  •        Pay attention to the comments: remember that the interaction of people is fundamental in your content, if you see ideas or proposals in the comments apply and give credit to the person who inspired you, this will make people feel that they are heard.
  •        Matter available in different formats: if you publish your videos on a website, do not forget to provide people with different download or viewing options.
  •        Learn about environmental trends: try to keep abreast of what others are doing, taking ideas and recognizing trends in the middle.
  •        Forget about traditional production: producing for the internet is not the same as traditional production for television or cinema, there are differences not only technical, but also in form and substance you cannot resist seeing them.

·        There are many other things to share in relation to the creation of a video blog and everything that involves production, optimization of resources, references to inspire us and also know part of the video blogs that have made a difference in the medium. That is why I have decided to create a series of articles to address the issue and answer the questions that arise about the creation of a video blog and provide more resources to consider.