The Importance of Psychology in the Wedding Photographer

Those of you who have attended a workshop with me like Entre Luces , or those who have ever shared a networking such as Foto Unión Festival , know the importance I give to psychology as one of the key factors to be a good wedding photography singapore. I think that to be great you have to think big, but above all, you have to be very aware of where you are at each moment, be able to know your Continue Reading →

Wedding Photography: More Than 30 Valuable Tips for the Inexperienced Bridal Photographer!

Wedding photography Singapore, many people find it quite exciting to photograph a wedding. Very understandable, that’s it too. This article is packed with tips for photographing weddings. Discover for yourself the tips on cameras, lenses, spare equipment, legal appointments, ideas about the photo shoot, communication and much more. The tips are mainly focused on who is going to photograph a wedding for the first time or is not yet so experienced. If I counted all the tips in the text, Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Ideal Photography Service for Your wedding?

We all know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! And in addition to choosing the perfect dress, the perfect location and all the little details … the ideal wedding photography service Singapore can not miss! However, many times we have no idea where or how to search. So today we leave you some points for you to check off your checklist when looking for the person in charge of capturing one of Continue Reading →

Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Well, we started well! Organize everything step by step, the estate, the Singapore Wedding Photographer, the dress, the trip … it’s a tedious process, but let’s put aside the nerves and the burdens and let’s enjoy the journey. I always tell couples that a wedding is something that is prepared for a long time but that happens in the blink of an eye and sometimes we do not become aware of many of the things that have happened in it. Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Wheel for Your Bike

The Bike Wheel mounted with steel spokes was invented more than 120 years ago, to replace the first bike wheel made entirely of wood, similar to the wheels of a carriage. It not only greatly reduced the weight, but had its durability significantly increased. Today, a bike wheel can withstand more than 100 times its own weight, and in the most extreme off-road conditions, they support peak loads that exceed a quarter of a tone! THE ROLE OF EACH COMPONENT Continue Reading →

The Best Tips For The Most Beautiful Wedding Photography

Do you know that? You roam the beach and take picture of the beautiful view. Later behind the laptop you look at the picture and think: “in reality it was a bit nicer”. Whatever your wedding looks like: small, intimate, epic, vintage, modern, traditional or very different: you do your best to make the most of it. You want to have that recorded in the wedding report! And if possible in such a way that you can experience all those Continue Reading →

The Best Resources for Wedding Videos

These are the best tricks and tools that can help you create amazing kinematic singapore wedding videographer. These helpful guides and free tips are essential for anyone who wants to record a wedding video.   When we talk about making wedding videos, there are millions of resources out there, although some more useful than others, of course. In an effort to achieve better results when it comes to recording and editing wedding videos.   Take a wedding video business Before Continue Reading →

Basic Tips For Photography On The Go

Before you discuss the serious tips, you should not forget the basic rules. The first and most important tip is to keep your camera still. It is really a shame if you look at your picture at home or on your laptop at the hotel and he is moved. You can not enlarge your photo and hang it above the dining table if it is moved. Always hold your camera with two hands or use a tripod (although this is Continue Reading →

Night-Time Photography Tips

Minimize the vibration at the beginning of the exposure by using the mirror lockup feature of your digital single lens reflex. Set the self timer to minimize the movement of the shutter and eventually camera shake. It is better if your camera has a remote shutter control. Not all cameras with bulb settings can use remote shutter control. I tried using a rubber band to control the shutter button to get longer exposure time. I put the cap on the Continue Reading →

Wedding Photography Tips

Your special day is frequently the culmination of many years of planning – a day when you celebrate your love and marital relationship with the event to end all events. Included in this big day are a host of solutions designed to make your wedding day the excellent day you constantly visualized,that’s why wedding photography tips will help you. When it involves wedding digital photography , you can never ever do excessive preparation to ensure that your big day is Continue Reading →