How to Choose the Ideal Photography Service for Your wedding?

We all know that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! And in addition to choosing the perfect dress, the perfect location and all the little details … the ideal wedding photography service Singapore can not miss! However, many times we have no idea where or how to search. So today we leave you some points for you to check off your checklist when looking for the person in charge of capturing one of Continue Reading →


Every business needs to communicate to reach its audience. Organizing an event is an effective way to reach a specific goal for a targeted audience. This audience is divided into three branches: consumers or potential customers, the media and members of the company. To succeed in its event communication, no rule is engraved in the marble, for you to be innovative and stand out! The important thing is to define your target audience, as well as your objectives (the sale Continue Reading →

Wedding Video

The wedding day is a unique day with full of happiness and  love. A day that is unforgettable. A day that a couple would want to experience again and again. Thanks to The Wedding Filmer this is possible. We specialize in creating unique and personal Wedding Videography Singapore. Wedding videography singapore in a professional and discreet way More and more couples are choosing not only the  photographer but also the videographer. And this is only logical. Photos are beautiful to Continue Reading →

Tips for Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

Well, we started well! Organize everything step by step, the estate, the Singapore Wedding Photographer, the dress, the trip … it’s a tedious process, but let’s put aside the nerves and the burdens and let’s enjoy the journey. I always tell couples that a wedding is something that is prepared for a long time but that happens in the blink of an eye and sometimes we do not become aware of many of the things that have happened in it. Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Wheel for Your Bike

The Bike Wheel mounted with steel spokes was invented more than 120 years ago, to replace the first bike wheel made entirely of wood, similar to the wheels of a carriage. It not only greatly reduced the weight, but had its durability significantly increased. Today, a bike wheel can withstand more than 100 times its own weight, and in the most extreme off-road conditions, they support peak loads that exceed a quarter of a tone! THE ROLE OF EACH COMPONENT Continue Reading →

How to Create a Corporate Video and What Benefits it Has for Your Business

There are many important reasons why creating a Corporate Video Production is necessary today for your business.   The audiovisual material can be very useful and important for the company when it comes to publicizing their products or services, their application, training personnel, showing safety or production procedures, etc.   Company videos can be used both internally and through the Internet, through channels such as YouTube, Vimeo and other similar services, where it will be easily accessible to potential customers. Continue Reading →

How Much Does A Event Videography Cost?

Prices of event videos. What you should know You have arrived here surely because you want to find an answer to the questions. How much is a Singapore Event Videography worth? or what part of the budget of our singapore event videography should I allocate to the video?  As a professional videographer, with my experience I think I can help you choose from different budgets for event videos, those that really fit your needs and expectations. Making a budget for Continue Reading →

Tips For The Photoshoot

Do you think: “Photo shoot, yo!”? Or do you think: “Singapore Wedding Videographer … meh”. Whatever your reaction is, let’s take a look at the photo shoot in perspective. It is by no means the most important part of the day. It is not even the most important part for the singapore wedding videographer. A photo of your mother who is tearing away a tear or the laughter of your brother will be much more valuable after 10, 20, 50 Continue Reading →

The Best Tips For The Most Beautiful Wedding Photography

Do you know that? You roam the beach and take picture of the beautiful view. Later behind the laptop you look at the picture and think: “in reality it was a bit nicer”. Whatever your wedding looks like: small, intimate, epic, vintage, modern, traditional or very different: you do your best to make the most of it. You want to have that recorded in the wedding report! And if possible in such a way that you can experience all those Continue Reading →

The Best Resources for Wedding Videos

These are the best tricks and tools that can help you create amazing kinematic singapore wedding videographer. These helpful guides and free tips are essential for anyone who wants to record a wedding video.   When we talk about making wedding videos, there are millions of resources out there, although some more useful than others, of course. In an effort to achieve better results when it comes to recording and editing wedding videos.   Take a wedding video business Before Continue Reading →